CHRISTIAN'S ARMOUR-ARMADURA DEL CRISTIANOWhen we speak about the Christian’s armour, we are really referring to the armour of God called like that by Paul.1 Probably he has used the reference made by the prophet Isaiah2 in addition to his close experience with roman soldiers.3 Whatever he makes a special and urgent call to use the full armour of God. It is not enough to only use some parts, because each one covers a vital part which protects us. The armour is also necessary because our struggle is not against equals or peers, is against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil.4 Our struggle is against Satan and his forces5 and it is impossible to go this this battle without this armour and to emerge unscathed. Paul describes each of the six parts of this armour6 and ends mentioning the Christian right attitude when it comes to make use of it.

The first mentioned part of the armour is the belt, which he calls the belt of truth7 and represents Christ and his word.8 The breastplate is called the justice of Christ. Paul says, ‘There is not one who does righteousness’.9 Only God is righteous10, only if we stand by him we will be safe in the day of evil.11 Sandals represent the gospel. The gospel in our lives is God’s power to salvation12 and it must be proclaimed to the whole world.13 The fourth element of this armour is the shield of faith14, without which it is impossible to please God.15 This shield of faith warns us for all snares, doubts or dark suggestions the enemy use as a malignant dared to destroys us.16 The helmet of salvation covered not only the soldier’s head but also our mind which needs to be protected upon all things.17 Cutting Edge closes not only exhibition of the armour of God, but also the circle where it began: the Word of God.18 Finally, Paul speaks about the right attitude every good soldier who uses or appropriates the armour of God should have: he always needs to be a soldier of prayer and vigilance.


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