009-ENOCThe Bible says that one day Enoch, one of the antediluvian patriarchs, was driven by God of this land. Enoch was one of the most enigmatic characters of the Bible. Only a few verses of the Bible give a few touches of his “just” 365 years living on earth. Maybe the most interesting aspect is that the Bible describes exactly: “Enoch walked with God, then was no more, because God took him”.1 He was translated by God, probably to paradise, maybe in a chariot of fire like the prophet Elijah, and like him, without passing through death.2 Enoch means to us the demonstration that, in a world of sin, it is possible to walk with God. Enoch had family and probably a job, but nothing took him apart from going through his way by the hand of the Creator of the universe. Enoch pleased God and he is counted between the heroes of faith.3 His life would probably be an example to follow, and the fact that he was driven by God had to be a very special sign and a testimony for that society, where evil prevailed; but also for the rest of humanity at all times.

The Lord should have totally displayed his plan of salvation, and by the spirit of prophecy He lead him across generations who would live after the flood, since he was shown great events related to the Second Coming of Christ.4 Enoch is one of the first antediluvian patriarchs, the seventh since Adam according to Genesis genealogy. He is the father, between sons and daughters, of Methuselah5, the most long-lived man of the Bible, who coincided in his life with Adam and Noah. So Enoch lived the first millennium of his life on earth, after the fall of the human race. He was the seventh since Adam. In fact, Enoch was contemporaneous of Adam, since he was born by the time when Adam as about 622 years old. Enoch is a personality who lived about 5000 years ago.


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