GOD IS LOVE-DIOS ES AMORThis is the message1 that as golden thread runs through every verse, chapter and book of the Bible. God the creator2, is the God who support his creation.3 and the God who shows his love through his son on the cross of the Calvary.4 God is Love, which is very different from saying God has love. He is the source of love and we are called to show the love of God in our lives. John says that if we believe in him, our heart will flow with rivers of living water5, rivers which saturate for love the people around us. All nature despite its current imperfections, speaks of God’s love; the flowers, the birds, the rivers and the heavens tell about God’s love.6 Nothing goes unnoticed in his care and protection7 and this covers with parental love and caring all men, created with much care by God’s hands.8 What love, what care God manifested in creation and protection of men!

God’s love knows no boundaries or limits9, for him there is no one who cannot be made a child of God, because his power has an irresistible attraction10, and if we do not object, we may be led to the fullness of his love. His love does not arise motivated by our love. His love goes first11 and is beyond our understanding and rationalization. The true God does not claim for love or sacrifices to their servants so they can enjoy its benefits or blessings. God makes the sun rise on the righteous and unrighteous.12 All will cease to be someday, but God’s love will always endure13 and there is where God is waiting and longing to dwell with their children who have been damaged and spoiled by evil, grief and sin. God is preparing a place for them14 where there will be no more crying or pain, because his love will fill the whole atmosphere polluted now by hatred and evil.15


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