047-INSTRUMENTOS MUSICALESThe first reference on the Bible to something related to music can be found in Genesis, chapter four. It is said that Jubal “was the first of all who play the harp and the flute”.1 But music is an invention of God and it was present since the beginning of the work of creation of God, as for example the day of the creation of Lucifer, when he was still a good, wise and perfect angel full of beauty; protective cherub close to God, who could walk around the stones of fire.2 He was related with the music that should be heard in heaven, for when he was expelled from heaven for his arrogance, it is also said that he lost the sound of his harps.3

God likes praises with music. All kind of musical instruments are mentioned for this: percussion, strings and wind instruments, and even dance.4 Among the most well-known musicians of the Bible was David, who is said to play the harp5, to compose psalms6 inspired by God and to invent musical instruments7, which were conserved for a long time, and were used by the musicians of the temple, when they came back from the exile, on the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem, once it was reconstructed.8 It was common to use wood of beech9 to make these musical instruments, but also perfumed wood, such as sandalwood.10 King Solomon, son of David, also like music and musical instruments, for he collected a large quantity and variety of them.11

God is the creator of all things, the intelligent Designer of who we astonish when we discover his wonders and perfections. In heaven, in his sanctuary, music and praise are also heard.12 God put imagination and creativity in many people13, so that they can use it wisely when building the sanctuary, the symbolic representation of the plan of God for our salvation. Richly endowed with poetry and music, Miriam, Moses’ sister, had leaded Israel women in the songs of praise and dances in the Red Sea beaches.14 Music will never stop being, for when Jesus came back for the second time, redeemed people will sing the song of Moses and the Lamb and they will play gold harps in the presence of God.15


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