THE ROCK-LA ROCAIn all cultures there are material symbols to express the non-material realities. The Bible is also full of symbols representing higher truths, and one of them is “The Rock”. In the Old Testament God is presented as a Rock1, both for what He is and for what He does. God is like a safe place where find refuge when there are dangers, threats and insecurity. Only in God we are safe. ‘The Lord is my rock and my walled town’.2 It also shows God as a Rock of salvation in the middle of a storm.3 And finally, it presents God as a solid Rock where you can build a building without danger of erosión.4 There was no other Rock outside God.5

The New Testament identifies Christ as the Rock6, the true and eternal Rock of the Old Testament, the ‘Living Stone’7 because Christ is God. Jesus Christ himself is presented as a refuge where to go to feel us safe, ‘Come to me, all you who are troubled and weighted down, and I will give you rest’.8 He is the Savior of world.9 Finally, the New Testament presents Jesus Christ as the solid Rock on which to build the Church as a collective and and also the individual life. Everyone to whom my words come and practice them, ‘will be like a wise man who built his house on a rock’10; is like the man ‘who built his house, who went deep and put base of it on a Rock’.11 Jesus is the Messiah and the Rock, and ‘On this rock I will build my church’.12 This last passage is explained by Peter identifying the Rock with Jesus Christ, not with himself.13 The Church is not built on fallible human beings, but on Christ himself, the eternal Rock.


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